Library Rules

  1. Maintain QUIET in the library at all times.
  2. Bags are not allowed in the main sections of library. Please leave bags in the cupboards at the front of the library.
  3. Loud, boisterous or disruptive behavior is not allowed.
  4. Take care of library materials.
  5. Do not remove pages, write or otherwise deface library materials.
  6. Please use pencils to take notes while using library materials.
  7. Intruding on other patron’s privacy is forbidden.
  8. No campaigning, petitioning, soliciting, panhandling or selling items is permitted in the library.
  9. Adults are RESPONSIBLE for supervising their children in the library.
  10. Please turn cell phone off or to a setting that would not disturb others.
  11. Food (including candy) and drinks (including water) are not allowed.
  12. Observe the closing hours of the library. A bell will be rung at the appropriate time.
  13. Rules regarding Internet use must be adhered to at all times.


The Library welcomes children to use its facility and services. While visiting the Library, children must abide by the Library’s Behaviour Policy. The responsibility for a child’s behaviour and well being rest with the child’s parent, guardian or caregiver, not with the staff of the Library.

The Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended at the Library.

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